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Protect Our Winters UK

A portion of our fundraising this year will go to Protect Our Winters UK, a cause very close to the heart of WarwickSnow. POW is contributing to the fight against climate change in order to save the mountains and their conditions.

Protect Our Winters are a charity committed to fighting climate change, pressuring companies to become
carbon neutral and educating people on the very real dangers of climate change that face us

All our trip emissions will be offset, from the coaches to the ski lifts, and we would love to
see our members contribute to fighting climate change with us so we can continue to do
what we love.

Disability in Snowsport

The second charity we will be supporting this year is Disability in Snowsport. This charity works "to promote equality and opportunity for people with disabilities to take part in snowsports and to help improve their enjoyment and standard of performance at the level of their choice".

The charity supports all those who wished to participate in winter sports at three different levels of activity:

Local Groups, run by volunteers and, meet at dry slopes around the country delivering adaptive lessons to the disabled community by qualified adaptive instructors

Main Programme 
Residential activity weeks are organised throughout Europe and the USA.

Ski School and Schools & Youth 
Activities based around the traditional ski school - that also coordinates the training of both instructors and volunteer helpers.

Throughout the year we will be holding fundraiser events, as well as adding the option of a charitable donation onto our booking forms for our Christmas and Easter tour. We would be so grateful if you made even a small donation to what we hope you agree are incredibly worthy causes.

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