George Hopgood


Here we have we have el presidente, the bnoc himself @georgehopgood . his love for snow goes beyond this club, skiing since he was able to walk, does he even do a degree?? nobody knows. legend has it, he skied out the womb. expect 169% passion from the social sec that never was. have any problems on tour? try finding george either fully sending it down the slopes at 9am or passed out on the toilet in the club at 4am, does this man ever sleep? who knows, he’s a mystery to us all. and if you’re ever feeling lost, george has all the passion for his people, as our welfare officer he will help and support you, no love like snow love


Course: Year 3 Politics


Most looking forward to: selling my first born in order to purchase one singular pint at folie douce


Email: georgeh@warwicksnow.net 


Joe Powell

Vice President

JP the VP (@josephcmhpowell ) soared to the top after being an overgrown freshers rep last year. serving as the only person on exec who can board (suz doesn’t count - she can literally only stand up) he will be really helpful for anyone who wants to try boarding!! his role is to make sure we’re all being charitable people and supporting great causes, as well as organising the legendary two seasons ball with our warm water friends in surf. jp is super friendly (especially after a few drinks) and will make sure everyone gets involved and enjoys themselves!!

Course: Year 2 Applied Engineering programme

Most looking forward: Making up for our cancelled Easter Tour

Email: joe@warwicksnow.net


James Cox


the first half of our captains, @jamescox163 !! don’t be deceived by his quiet personality because when you’re not looking he’ll be catching that one two whine in downstairs smack (we promise to not put it on the snow insta story ever again (disclaim)). when james isn’t drowning in poon he’s sending it down the slopes. this speedy gonzales only started competing in slalom this year and encourages anyone who can ski/board to try races! keep an eye out for regular training sessions, you don’t wanna miss out

Course: Year 2 Engineering

Most looking forward to: skiing and drinking. what else?

Email: jamesc@warwicksnow.net


Orla Menzies


the race queen herself: @orla.menzies !! you can’t even see her on the slopes she’s that fast, but catch her at our annual ski school getting intimate with a banana 🤭. she doesn’t even go here!! i hear you shout, but since joining us in her first year, she has shown her passion for the club and we didn’t want let her go !! no more 9ams means orla is guaranteed to be the last person standing at pop every wednesday. she once bragged about her organisational skills, so prepare to have the most timetabled race training and beginner lessons for whatever skill level you are, she doesn’t discriminate !!

Course: Currently undetermined 

Most looking forward to: winning

Email: orla@warwicksnow.net


Declan Hughes


As our national treasure this year is @dechughes20lets hope he knows money better than he knows bunkbeds 🤪 declan is a true snow warrior, having been on 2 tours and in countless circles. if you want to know how much joss we have, he’s the man to speak to! rumour has it he has so much money he managed to clone himself 🤭, so if anyone knows money it’s the most DECadent man in snow 

Course: Year 4 BSc Management 

Most looking forward to: pub crawls and tourrrr

Email: declan@warwicksnow.net


Suzie Cole

Publicity Secretary

next up we have our beautiful publicity sec miss @bigfatsuz. she puts the sec in secsy. this year we’ve combined our media and merch role so please lower your expectations since she is only 1 gorgeous girl doing 2 jobs. what we do know is the merch this year is gonna be absolute 🔥🔥🔥 so stay tuned for the incoming drops, you don’t wanna miss out on the fw 2020 collection. if you open your eyes you can see she’s already making the insta grammable. there is no doubt that this year suz will be making us look incredibly steezy with her plethora of film cameras and sick merch!!

Course: Year 1 GSD (formerly Year 2 Chemistry)

Most looking forward to: tourrrrrrrrr

Email: suzie@warwicksnow.net


Priya Johal

Social Secretary

the cooler half of the iconic social sec duo @prijoh . never have you ever seen her count to 20+1 without messing up. her secret to downing pints is pouring half of it onto herself. as a newbie on the slopes you can always catch her in bed or at the bar #noskiontour, she may even turn up to a lesson or two. stick around and she’ll play you 12 hours of dnb, get more drunk than you, and chat copious amounts of shit. keep an eye out on our website/facebook page for the upcoming social calendar, you will not be disappointed (claim) although who knows if priya can get into the copper rooms since she got banned in term 2

Course: Year 3 Chemistry

Most looking forward to: social sec clout

Email: priya@warwicksnow.net


Thea Graham-Cooper

Social Secretary

the sexier half of the swaggiest social sec duo the world has ever seen, @thea.erin . She got banned from racing because she wouldn’t stop breaking the land speed record so now she can focus all of her energy on organising socials. Has regularly been referred to as the loudest and angriest person people have ever met so circles are guaranteed to be rowdy. Thea historically proved that there’s not much she wouldn’t do for snow by sacrificing the holy trinity: her brows, bursary, and boyfriend for the club. Ambassador for  fresh

Course: Year 2 Liberal Arts

Most looking forward to: I am looking forward to the exhilarating experience of travelling to a different country with my favourite cronies to take part in the beautiful art of skiing surrounded by the pristine mountains and crispy alpine air. That feeling when you ski down to apes, because you can ski, is like no other

Email: thea@warwicksnow.net