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Ben Hoskings

Our main man the president Ben!!! A true Warwick Snow veteran and absolute demon on the slopes, Ben is ready to maintain Warwick Snow as the BEST club on campus!! With years of experience under his belt, Ben is more than ready to face any challenge. He has unbelievable love for all things Warwick Snow and there is no doubt we are in for an amazing year!!! Also hopefully some huge victories thanks to him ;)


Course: Systems Engineering



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Sophie Lafferty

Vice President

As captain last year, Sophie lead our team to many victories (well not really, I’d say moral victories). So it seems the natural progression to rise up through the ranks. She loves après and is an awesome skier so get ready to watch her shred and also get loose afterwards!!!

Course: Software Engineering


Website Zara.jpeg

Zara Hussain


What a woman Zara is, one of the most active members in Snow last year, now our treasurer. You know what that means, all our money is going on socials (sorry Ben!!) As a MORSE student, she is the perfect candidate for this role so get ready to see her getting rowdy at all socials!!!

Course: MORSE


Website Phoebe.jpeg

Phoebe Eastwell

Tour Secretary

Our tour sec Phoebe lives and breathes Warwick Snow and she is truly ready to give us the BIGGEST tour ever!!! She’s great on the slopes but even greater on the beers, so we are in very safe hands. Keep a very close eye out as info about tour is coming very soooooooonnnnn!!!

Course: PAIS


Website Howie.jpeg

Howie Stevens


Howie is one of our two captains for the upcoming year. As a frequent competitor last year, he has decided to step up. Along with general looseness, Howie is rapid on the slopes so keep an eye out!

Course: GSD


Website Emily.jpeg

Emily Rumley


Emily is our second captain and not only does she love skiing but she also loves winning, and she is ready to lead us to some HUGE victories this year!! Regardless of your ability Emily will be able to find you a space, so make sure you head down to our taster sessions which are coming up very soon!!

Course: MORSE


Website Hugo.jpeg

Hugo Pottinger
Social Secretary

As one half our social sec duo this year, Hugo is ready for it to be the BIGGEST one yet. He has many games in his repertoire, Pop and Après are two of his favourite. So be ready to see him shredding on the slopes (maybe not) and getting appallingly loose at every social.

Course: Maths


Website Alex.jpeg

Alex Pennington
Social Secretary

The second half of the social sec dream team is Alex! Armed with great trims and a huge voice Alex was always destined to be a great social sec. He’s even from Edinburgh the homeland of buds (don’t ask him about this, he won’t shut up about it!!). Expect lots of chopping pints and even more hair dye from this one, it’s going to be a HUGE year!!!

Course: Film Studies


Website Honey.jpeg

Honey Farrow


Oh, honey, honey . . . our media secretary Honey, as a diehard member of the society she is more than ready to show off all things Warwick Snow. She loves an Instagram post, making her perfect for the role.

Course: Economics and Industrial Organisation


Website Lara.jpeg

Lara Mohammad


After a massive last year in Snow, Lara has decided to take up the role of keeping THE BEST DRESSED CLUB ON CAMPUS the best dressed club on campus. Although she’s away in Venice for first term (that was silly wasn’t it, I mean how is she gonna come to buds?), she’ll still be supplying the finest merch in the game (claim).


Course: History


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