Oliver Sheard


1st place candidate for President of WarwickSnow. I’ll be here to make sure everything is running smoothly and to put out any fires that arise over the year. I’m also here for any problems you, as one of our beloved members, may be having. If you ever wanna have a chat, hit me up and I’ll see if I can help.


Course: Year 3 Ancient History


Favourite Snow Moment: DM chunning in his riding hoodie


Email: oliver@warwicksnow.net 

Emily Dekker

Vice President

Vice Pres and your behind the scenes queen, I’ll be checking in with you all every week with what’s going on in Snow, as well as organising all our charitable events including Two Seasons ball alongside our social secs and surf! Come find me on tour, in circle, or anywhere really for a boogie or just for a chat ❤

Course: Year 3 Physics

Favourite Snow Moment: I'm Losing It

Email: emily@warwicksnow.net

Ems Graimont

Tour Coordinator

I will try and organise one of the sickest holidays of your life! When? 6th-14th of December. Where? Val d’Isere. 
My job this year is to make sure that both Xmas and Easter tour, will be the best tours you will go on. I will be available all year to answer to your possible questions on tour and make sure that everything goes well when reaching the destination of tour. HMU if you have any question, don’t be shy! xoxo

Course: Year 3 PAIS

Favourite Snow Moment: Dan Bending on a board

Email: ems@warwicksnow.net

Karim Arnous


As a WarwickSnow Captain, my job is to ensure that, alongside the multitude of enjoyable socials that we offer, our members also have the opportunity to attend and compete in more serious sports events which I will be helping to organise alongside my fellow captain Fiora. I’ll also be helping with all the beginner lessons that will run before tour. So if you’re new to Skiing but want to try it out, look out for our sessions in term 1!  Also, while I lack the skills to merit the title, I have taken on the mantle of freestyle captain, so keep an eye out for our freestyle sessions at the nearby Tamlands Snowdome.

Course: Year 2 Law

Favourite Snow Moment: Ski School in Term 1. Unmissable banter

Email: karim@warwicksnow.net

Fiora Luecke


As Captain of WarwickSnow, it’s my job to contribute to the snow spirit by organising the slalom practice at Ackers as well as events such as Kings, BUDS, and BUiSC together with my co-Captain Karim. My responsibility is to make sure warriors are maintaining a good skiing/snowboarding - intoxication balance and as a proud German, my determined and focused mentality (that my homeland is known for) will help to bring the club forward, through an abundance of banter, (victory), and steeze. Have a mad one warriors! 

Course: Year 2 Politics and Sociology 

Favourite Snow Moment: Terminations - chasing Suzie because she stole Alexis’s pirate hat that I was wearing / Emeline chucking our Snow microwave into the bushes.

Email: fiora@warwicksnow.net

John Andrews


As Treasurer of the club it's my job to ensure we don't overspend and go bankrupt lol. I work closely with everyone on the exec and if you ever need any help feel free to hit me up. What I lack in ability, I more than make up for in experience!

Course: Year 4 BSc Management 

Favourite Snow Moment: Snowboarding in Val Thorens whilst enduring Joss induced heart palpitations

Email: john@warwicksnow.net

Dan Ben-Shaul


Steeze /stiːz/ noun
 “A unit of measurement to determine the amount of fly one has”
My job is to increase the clubs’ level of steeze. I will do this by designing clothing and other accessories for you to put on your body or carry around, to make you look cooler than you are. 
Future employers – this is a Marketing role.

Course: Year 3 PAIS

Favourite Snow Moment: Tour was an acceptable level of fun

Email: dan@warwicksnow.net

George Parsons

Media and Publicity

Snow is the best part of anyone's uni experience and I'm here to immortalise it for you. Whether you're a park rat who wants your sick line filmed (only if you fully send it), a beginner who wants to capture their first run or just keen for a photo of you cutting some shapes at après, I'm your guy! Come find me for all your photo/video needs, questions or just a chat! 

Course: Year 3 Film and Literature

Favourite Snow Moment: Falling in love with kickers in Pas

Email: george@warwicksnow.net

Henry Day

Social Secretary

Good cop, bad cop, who cares? I just want to cop (some organised snowy fun that is). Whether it be on Tour, in T-bar, Kelsey or the Copper Rooms (questionable!) count me in. Come join us on the slopes and in the wonderland of circles for some passionate sessions, BUDS and Ackers included, to cutting loose on the slopes and everything in between. I’ll be a friendly face for you to talk to about anything so don’t hesitate to approach but bear one thing in mind: Banter not Victory. Snow Love x

Course: Year 2 Maths

Favourite Snow Moment: BUDS - Come BUDS

Email: henry@warwicksnow.net

Valentin (Val) Mancas

Social Secretary

Valuable bus stop pints in T-bar, arguably fit for organising your fun Last-minute questionable trips to Smack...

Yeah, you guessed it. I will co-work the department of "organised fun" (I'd be careful on using that phrase around me) with my fellow brother-in-sesh, Henry. Amateur potion maker at pres and Obi-Joss Kenobi on the slopes, I'm here to get you involved, onboard (or skis) and in love with Warwicksnow. Omnipresent & omnipotent, some sort of modern-day Leonidas the Spartan, I will bring the pint, the purple or the water, down on you on tour, in circle and in POP! Also, help me keep my de facto BNOC title and come chat to me whatever issue you have.

Course: Year 4 Electronics

Favourite Snow Moment: breaking both skis trying to land a 180 on an improvised kicker after a long Andorran aprés session

Email: val@warwicksnow.net

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