George Hopgood


Behold our fabulous prez @georgehopgood! Back for yet ANOTHER year to keep snow as one of the best clubs on campus. As the embodiment of snow, he’s ready to make up for a year of sitting on our backsides with some amazing snow antics! A masters student & prez, he has it all! From all these years of experience, he’ll be ready to tackle any problem big or small & always be there to help you out! Roll on another amazing year.


Course: MSc Business


Most looking forward to: Extending my reign of terror by running for president for a record extending third year


Email: georgeh@warwicksnow.net 

hannah pic.jpg

Hannah Collins
Charity & Welfare

Our easy to talk to @hannahc_19 is here to ensure everyone feels safe here at Warwick Snow! No problem is too big or small & will always be there to listen. She’s mediocre at holding her drink & remembering circle games...awful at not tacky chunning but is a pretty decent skier (ski instructor check) so bring on tour!!!

Course: French & Theatre

Most looking forward: Making up for lost time with loads of charity events & amazing two seasons!!

Email: Hannah@warwicksnow.net

sophie s.jpg

Sophie Lafferty

Ready to put Warwick snow on the map is @sophie.lafferty Ready to WIN, have some FUN & show her amazing skills on TOUR!! Here to encourage everyone to give racing a try!! Whether beginner or pro, you do not want to miss out on all the fun! So make sure to give all our events a try, you will not regret it!

Course: Software Engineering

Most looking forward to: Tour! Tour! Maybe some winning and did I mention Tour!

Email: sophie@warwicksnow.net


Ben Hoskings

Onto the other half of our captains @benjaminhoskings he is forever looking like an absolute pro & shredding it down the slopes...Be prepared to not even see him coming down the mountain he’s that quick! you’ll always be made to feel apart of the team so make sure to sign up!

Course: Systems Engineering

Most looking forward to: Tour & BUCS races

Email: ben@warwicksnow.net

lewis s.jpg

Lewis Tompson

Keeping track of our spending is the brilliant @lewistompson Our money man is working behind the scenes to supply the funds & steeze on tour!! He’s finally ready to make his debut on tour, roll on December...just don’t ask him to play any ABBA
“No, I’m not a radio station and no, I do not have any ABBA I can play for you.”

Course: 3rd year Applied Engineering

Most looking forward to: Making a long overdue debut on tour

Email: lewis@warwicksnow.net


Olivia Moore
Media & Publicity

Our media & publicity exec @xlivmoore is ready to spread the snow love & make sure everyone knows about it!! a qualified ski instructor, so can give a helping hand to anyone on tour...but can’t promise you won’t see her on her backside most the time on the slope. Make sure to keep checking back on our social media’s to see what we’re going to get up to.

Course: Management

Most looking forward to: Spreading the snow love across campus (and of course TOUR)

Email: olivia@warwicksnow.net


Priya Johal

Social Secretary

Introducing 1/3 of our social sec @prijoh we’re blessed this year to have 3 fabulous social secs & we’re so lucky to have our beaut social sec priya for another year, ready to organise more of snows legendary socials! we hope to finally see her a skiing pro by this tour...but she’s proof you don’t have to be a pro to come on the slopes with us! get ready for some amazing socials with this gal ;)

Course: Year 4 Chemistry

Most looking forward to: Playing why are you vertical

Email: priya@warwicksnow.net


George Burgess
Social Secretary

Introducing the next 1/3 of our social execs @qeorqeb ready & raring to get back on the slopes & create mahem at our socials. He’s always happily embarrassed & not afraid to lose facial hair, so there will never be a dull moment!
“Looking to make new friends/someone in the society to approach to help you get involved? look no further! all my friends have left so there’s literally nothing I’d rather do :)”

Course: Maths

Most looking forward to: Being at Après up the mountain on tour, buying YOU a drink

Email: georgeb@warwicksnow.net


Michelangelo Cipkalo
Social Secretary

Lastly the final 1/3 of our social secs @m.cip.lo who has proved that snow > uni work. Angel's ready to host socials fit for all, You have some amazing events to look forward to! however pls dont ask him if he’s Italian or a painter…

Course: Maths & Stats

Most looking forward to: Motive at every exec house

Email: michelangelo@warwicksnow.net


Suzie Cole

Our amazing merch exec suz @bigfatsuz is back again to create yet another year of AMAZING MERCH! you’ll want to wear her designs to any & all occasions...keep an eye out on our socials for the merch drop as believe me you will not want to miss out!!

Course: GSD & Politics

Most looking forward to: Make more merch!!!

Email: suzie@warwicksnow.net


Chloe Shellay

Our out of this world tour exec @chloeshellay is ready to supply the good vibes on tour & make up for a year of missed ski runs. She’s always there to answer your tour questions, big or small. Her amazing organisation will make sure our tours run smoothly, ready to create some great memories! make sure you SIGN UP TO TOUR!! you won’t regret it.

Course: Digital Technology Solutions

Most looking forward to: Messy post-apres ski runs

Email: chloe@warwicksnow.net