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Below is our club constitution, outlining what our main aspirations are as a sports club at Warwick University

❄   Provide the opportunities for beginners to introduce them to snowsports at an affordable            price using subsidised lessons and inclusive tours.

❄   Provide training sessions for our racing and freestyle teams, and to introduce intermediate        skiers/boarders to these disciplines.

❄   To organise trips to the Alpes/ Pyrenees at a far more affordable price than an individual            skiing holiday.


❄   To raise awareness of sport and Snowsports-related charities and involve members in                promoting a good cause.


❄   To bring together like-minded people to pursue their hobby.

❄   To provide an inclusive whole club experience to members, with a variety of low-pressure          social events including non-drinking ones.

❄    Encourage members to take part in regional and national competitions and encourage              others to support competitors by providing a social element to these events.

If you would like to find out more, press the button below to download a PDF of our full constitution:

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