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Get Involved! 

Here at WarwickSnow we offer heavily subsidised lessons before our Christmas tour, in packages to allow skiers of any ability to join us on tour! If you are interested, please check/message our Facebook page or contact our captains, Howie and Emily for more details.

We also offer fortnightly trips to Tamlands at the Snowdome in Tamworth, an indoor freestyle riding evening session with qualified instructors on hand to improve your steeze for just £15. Check/message our Facebook page or contact our captains for more details about sign-ups.

We also have a fabulous slalom practice every other week in order to train for competitions across the country against other Universities and of course to have fun. We enter both mixed, ladies, freestyle ski and snowboard teams into regional and national competitions including the following: 

Kings - a league based, dual slalom competition at Ackers Dry Slope, Birmingham


BUDS - the British University Dry Slope championships, a 3-day event in Edinburgh at the end of week 6 (and the best weekend of your life)


BUiSC - the British University indoor Snowsports Championships in Milton Keynes


Varsity - a dry slope competition against our nemesis Coventry


​Both our race team and freestyle team are always looking for new members, so whether you're a seasoned pro racer/freestyler, you think you could go a bit faster or steezier - or both - please join! Our events are also really fun even if you’re just spectating, so just come along to cheer on our warriors! 


For information about slalom practice, indoor freestyle riding sessions, competitions and sign-ups, please check/message our Facebook page or contact either of our captains, Howie and Emily!

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