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Whether you're a seasoneded pro or someone looking to have a go through a slalom course, WarwickSnow offers race training and competitions for all levels, including complete beginners.


Weekly Race Training trips to Ackers Dry Slope Birmingham or Gloucester Ski and Snowboard Centre.


  • We enter both mixed and ladies ski and snowboard teams into regional and national competitions including:

    • Kings, a league based dual slalom competition which takes place at Ackers,

    • BUDS, the British University Dry Slope championships which is a 3 day event in Edinburgh at the end of week 6 (and the best weekend of your life)

    • BUiSC, the British University indoor Snowsports Championships which is held at Milton Keynes.

If you'd like to get to know some more about the race training, message one of our captains, John or Matt.

Sign ups for race training sessions can be found here!


For those who are more about the tricks than the speed, WarwickSnow also offers the chance for you to practice your freestyling at local indoor snow domes, as well as on dry slopes.


With trips running to Tamworth SnowDome from campus every fortnight in term one, our members are free to choose whether they wish to use the time for their own practice, or to receive free coaching run by qualified instructors.


Throughout the university year, there are plenty of opportunities for our members to compete, ranging from local to national events, both indoor and outdoor. These include:

  • BUDS, the British University Dry Slope championships


  • BUiSC, the British University indoor Snowsports Championships


  •  Varsity, our annual competition against Coventry University.


Whether a skier or snowboarder, we are always keen to bring new people into our freestyle team, so feel free to get in touch with our Freestyle Captain, Matt!


For the Bambi's of the world, WarwickSnow offers an introduction to life on the slopes.

Twice a term we run Progression Packages lasting 3 weeks each which will take you from novice to a certified recreation skier or boarder! 

This will cost £60 for 6 hours of private tuition across the 3 weeks, including transport and equipment hire. This is over £250 cheaper than the same lessons at the same snowdome if you booked yourself, a.k.a more money to splash on the best week of your life.... (tour).


Due to the lack of mountains in the midlands, we are forced to persue other interests when not on our Christmas or Easter Tour – most notably drinking – which we do frequently and we do well!


We run atleast one social every week and are known as one of the most socially active clubs at Warwick University. Whether you are a veteran skiier or have no idea what a snow plough is, Warwick Snow is PERFECT for you if you're looking to have a good time and make some new friends! Here are socials we are running in term 1:


  • Pre-Pop Circles


  • The infamous Warwick Snow Three Legged Bar Crawl

  • Trampoline Park sober socials

  • Trips to the local clubs in Leamington (Smack and Neon)


  • Plenty of circles in Kelsey's




If you have any questions at all about the social aspect of the club, get in contact with one of our Social Secs, Ed or DM!

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